GEDANKEN VERLOREN | UNTHINKING - The Analyst Who Quit to See the World with His Heart


"The beaten track suddenly a foreign concept. A lane and a passing lane meant to get you somewhere. Fenced in by barricades. Outside, life is passing by. To stop. To feel the jungle underneath the asphalt. The edge of the road just a few steps away."

Losing Thought for One Evening...


2015: After Christof Jauernig, Analyst of a management consultancy firm for banks, has finally quit his job, he sets out, and travels through Southeast Asia for half a year.

Now, about one year after returning home, he takes his guests with him on his backpacking journey, but also on his inner journey, out of the crisis of meaning, into a new connection with the world’s beauty, oneself, and the present moment. Along with a big selection of projected travel photographs, he reads texts which he wrote on his journey, and invites his guests to, for one hour, “lose thought” and “see the world with the heart”, together with him. An atmospheric blend develops, made of photographs, narrated travel scenes, short lyrical texts and piano improvisations, which he recorded specifically for this occasion. It is not about sharing his knowledge, but the experienced, his feelings and perceptions. "GEDANKEN VERLOREN | UNTHINKING" allows to pause for a moment and opens up room for inner stillness.

Request reading (available in German and English).

"Seeing the world without preconceptions, without an idea of what she seems to be, or how she ought to be. Seeking no label for that which is seen. Not wanting to understand the inconceivable. At this moment she is beautiful beyond comprehension."

"To me it felt like the people we were passing by on our hike were deeply connected with this beautiful nature they called their home. Such as the little boy, who was standing on a little rock, silently observing us as we were walking in his direction. There he was in his green shirt, so that you could hardly spot him amidst the corn plants, trees and the grass surrounding him, and was simply watching."

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